Koç Holding Executives Summit  /  2018
Koç Holding A.Ş. is the largest industrial conglomerate company in Turkey. Every year Koç Holding holds a very prestigious event, where the Koç family and leading figures of the respective Koç Holding companies gather together. 

Mice Wizard, the production company responsible from the whole organization of the 3 day event, requested an opening video, which would be based on the key principles of Koç Holding. In a very short period of time, we have brought their script to life, managing all audio and visual elements. The video was 270°, projected over a 70mx4m curved screen, with a total resolution of 12K. All of the scenes were created with various industrial backgrounds of the Koç Holding companies, knit tightly together by the visual interpretations of their core principals, which are "Transformation, "Evolution", "Innovation".
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Production Company : Mice Wizard
Client: Koç Holding
Director: Fuat Değirmenci
Producer: Ç. Surhay Kılıç
Writer: Kerem Çar
Visual Designers: Fuat Değirmenci, Uğur Yetişkin
Original Music: Tuğrul Gültepe, Rammy Roo
Sound Design: Tuğrul Gültepe

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