Freelance Sr. Motion & Visual Designer


Hi, I'm Fuat Degirmenci I'm a freelance Sr. Visual & Motion Designer based in London UK.

I am an impact-focused Visual & Motion Designer in the professional field. My prior roles have involved both local and global functions, with an emphasis on motion design, visual design, technical direction, visual and technical research and development, and also creative direction.

I have been very fortunate to have had diverse experiences in both my professional and my personal endeavors, allowing me to work on a wide array of projects such as TV Commercials, an award-winning 3D Animation short film, a Virtual Reality experience, Augmented Reality applications, and Video Project Mapping for events. I continue to combine my passion and skills with an aptitude for strategic thinking to produce meaningful results for clients across the board.

My interests lie in supporting the project to achieve the best possible outcome, working closely with clients to resolve business challenges while keeping a creative outlook in mind. 

Feel free to contact me.
renderquk@gmail.com   -    fuatdgrmnc@gmail.com
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