Neo-Renaissance in Minimal Strokes

During the Renaissance period, artists gained the freedom to freely process their inner world and their own dreams. Unlike the religion-centered understanding of the Romanesque and Gothic periods, the Renaissance had a human-centered understanding of thought. The word "renaissance" means "rebirth".  

I reapplied the world's most famous paintings made in this period with my own interpretation. In the project production process, it was the most challenging goal of the project to emphasize the meaning of the renaissance period and to reappear these paintings without losing their own identity.

"The girl with the pearl earring"     "Mona Lisa"                 "Self-Portrait"                "The Elephants"
With the project, I wanted to reproduce these works in a minimal, simpler way with digitally created traditional brushstrokes, freeing them from the intense, realistic details of these works in order to emphasize the renaissance (rebirth). This simplification is achieved not only in the creation of forms with lines but also with colors, perspective, and light as a whole.

From the 15th century to the present day, it was an incredibly enjoyable process to reinterpret the magnificent paintings of these great artists who shed light on the world of art and have been a reference for us for years and to experience the atmosphere of a renaissance.
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